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Founded in 2012 to provide assistance services and maintenance for civil and public governmental projects mainly for ministries of Internal Defense, Health and Environment. Our current associates and offices located around the world ( USA, Canada, Nigeria, Iraq, Kurdistan Region - Iraq,  Saudi Arabia, France. Etc…) execute all our customer's needs of high quality products through our global connections and suppliers.

GKY Global Services S.A.L Offshore is proud to be an “Authorized Dealer” of Dynamic Shelters Inc (DSI) for the sale, rental or lease of its Products within the countries of Iraq, Nigeria and Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
DSI Products include, but not limited to, standard and non-standard: inflatable blast resistant air shelters,  industrial shelters,  sports structures, shelter accessories , ballistic resistant geo textile walls, custom designs, engineering studies, product feasibility studies etc.



“ to provide high quality services and products to governmental and private companies in the Middle East area by utilizing our offices and contacts located around the world.”


“to be a global agent for high quality products and services".