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  • Ghazi Fahed Yehia:
    GKY chairman

    • In the field of Trade, industry and real estate investment since 1970.
    • Started in Lagos Nigeria, till present.
    • Formal Secretary General for the Lebanese Industrial Association in Lebanon, from 1992 till 2006.
    • Vice chairman for NSSF National Social Security in Lebanon as from 1999 till present.
    • Has been dealing with the Iraqi market for more than 15 years.

  • Josef Gerge Isaac:
    GKY member of the Board of Directors

    • Retired Brigadier General-Lebanese army
    • Expert in the fields of airport security, military equipment, services and maintenance.

  • Karim Ghazi Yehia:
    GKY member of the Board of Directors

    Assistant General Manager 

    • 10-year progressive,fast-track corporate and entrepreneurial career creating and sustaining business within several industries in competitive markets (China, Uae, Ksa & Lebanon).
    • A "make-it-happen" professional able to accelerate sales growth and positively impact the bottom line through effective product education and extensive relationship building.
    • Persistent in pursuit to build sales and provide solutions according to identified customer needs.
    • Strong customer-service orientation.



  • Adham Abdullah Yehia:
    GKY member of the Board of Directors

    CEO of Integra Health in Lagos, Nigeria.

    • MBA in Public Health
    • Integra Health is a health system management consultancy and think-tank based in Lagos, Nigeria that focuses on the need for innovative and cost effective approaches to solve health provisions problems facing developing African health markets.